Franchising Directories

by Ken Marlborough


Franchises have more opportunities to acquire multiple units with greater potential compared to individual companies with branches. Names of the franchises that are willing to expand in various industries can be available in a franchising directory. This directory provides an exhaustive list of industries wherein the prospect of franchising is available or willing to start. There is practically no industry where the company would not like to grow in various parts of the country, so all such industries would be listed in a franchising directory. [ more ]

Franchising Opportunities

by Ken Marlborough

Many companies prefer to infiltrate the market using franchising as an option. For this process to be smooth, the franchise must be carefully chosen. This involves a long procedure that must be studiously followed for the success of a business.

An individual can apply for a franchising opportunity by dropping in an application. A great deal of thought must be put in while applying for this as the application itself can tell the company many aspects of the individual such as the kind of person the individual might be, individual’s interest in this job, future dedication to this job, communication skills, and motivation for applying for this job. [ more ]

Hotel Franchising

by Ken Marlborough

Hotel franchising is a very popular concept. Hotel franchising includes the franchising of hotels, motels, inns, and other forms of lodging and boarding. Hotel franchising includes a lot more technicalities compared to restaurant or fast food franchising. Hotel franchising leads to hotel chains appearing in various parts of the world. [ more ]

Restaurant Franchising

by Ken Marlborough

Restaurant and fast food franchising is a booming sector presently. Fast food franchising is considered to provide the maximum revenue in the total food service industry, but franchising in full-service restaurants also contributes quite a bit to the economy. In one sense, franchising indirectly implies rise in the employment in a country. [ more ]

Franchises -- Advantages and Disadvantages

by Jean Sifleet

Want to own your own business? Don’t want to start from scratch?

Franchises are a way to get into business quickly, with a brand name, proven methods of operation and a support structure. Franchises are everywhere. Familiar names include Dunkin’ Donuts, Curves, Mail Boxes Etc. and McDonalds, to name a few. [ more ]