Franchising Opportunities

by Ken Marlborough


Many companies prefer to infiltrate the market using franchising as an option. For this process to be smooth, the franchise must be carefully chosen. This involves a long procedure that must be studiously followed for the success of a business.

An individual can apply for a franchising opportunity by dropping in an application. A great deal of thought must be put in while applying for this as the application itself can tell the company many aspects of the individual such as the kind of person the individual might be, individual’s interest in this job, future dedication to this job, communication skills, and motivation for applying for this job.

The company checks into the applicant’s background to find out the past experience in communication skills or customer service, or to search for a business oriented background. They must be able to make independent decisions in times of crisis if such a situation arises. This will require the applicant to have some management background and interaction skills. Be it a problem with a customer or problems brewing among employees, the owner must be in a position to deal with them.

The applicant must be financially sound to take care of the fees to be paid for the franchising. These might vary depending on the size of the franchise and the company wishing to open the franchisee. Either way, the applicant must be able to dig up a sufficient amount as and when required. Other than the franchising fee, the applicant must also be able to cover the initial cost of labor, furnishing, advertising, inventory, and promotion and the rent of the place leased for the franchise. Although starting a franchise is comparatively cheaper compared to opening an individual business, it is still an expensive option. When the applicant does not personally have a large amount of money, the company checks if the option of borrowing the amount from friends and relatives is sound.

The applicant must be able to take directions from the company. Even though a franchise is run as an independent business, the company’s rules and regulations and the company's strategies must be followed with no exception. To determine if the applicant can take directions, the best method is to enquire from the previous jobs or businesses where the applicant must have worked. Also, the applicant must be smart enough to make certain decisions when the need arises and the company need not be involved in the same.

The applicant can start a franchise for a company only when the applicant believes in the company’s products and business. The applicant must get to know the business being done by the company along with its operations. This would show the applicant’s interest in the company and the willingness to learn by doing business with the company.

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