Do you want to own your own business but don’t want to start from scratch? Franchises are a way to get into business quickly, with a brand name, proven methods of operation and a support structure.


Using Your Business Plan

by Matt Bacak

Once you have completed developing and writing your business plan, do not file it away! This important document should be kept in an auspicious place where you can see it daily. Many business owners choose to highlight certain sections of their business plans by creating images or posters they can display around the office. Consider posting a portion or the entire plan on your company's website so potential clients can review your goals and mission. Strive to enforce the rules set by your business plan and work hard to accomplish your goals. Using this document as a road map, begin working towards running the best company possible. [ more ]

Successful Business Goal Setting for 2006

by Herman Drost

Creating clear doable goals for your business will help you achieve success for 2006. I have a 14 year old daughter who said she wants to be a neurosurgeon so she concentrates on getting straight As in her studies each year. So far she has succeeded. [ more ]

Franchising Directories

by Ken Marlborough

Franchises have more opportunities to acquire multiple units with greater potential compared to individual companies with branches. Names of the franchises that are willing to expand in various industries can be available in a franchising directory. This directory provides an exhaustive list of industries wherein the prospect of franchising is available or willing to start. There is practically no industry where the company would not like to grow in various parts of the country, so all such industries would be listed in a franchising directory. [ more ]

Secrets of Super Affiliate

by Akinori Furukoshi

Want to own your own business? Don’t want to start from scratch?

Franchises are a way to get into business quickly, with a brand name, proven methods of operation and a support structure. Franchises are everywhere. Familiar names include Dunkin’ Donuts, Curves, Mail Boxes Etc. and McDonalds, to name a few. [ more ]

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