Using Your Business Plan

by Matt Bacak


Once you have completed developing and writing your business plan, do not file it away! This important document should be kept in an auspicious place where you can see it daily. Many business owners choose to highlight certain sections of their business plans by creating images or posters they can display around the office. Consider posting a portion or the entire plan on your company's website so potential clients can review your goals and mission. Strive to enforce the rules set by your business plan and work hard to accomplish your goals. Using this document as a road map, begin working towards running the best company possible.

Many businesses spend an exorbitant amount of time and money creating their business plan to never see, read, or use it again. Do not become one of these entrepreneurs! It is not enough simply have a business plan somewhere in your midst, you must use it on a daily basis. Let your business plan become a way of life. Work to include aspects of your plan in all decisions regarding your business.

Your business plan may need to be updated from time to time in order to stay current with the ever-changing face of entrepreneurship. Upon completion of goals, take time to update your plan with how you managed to complete your goals and address new ones. Many businesses find some aspect of the plan was incorrect or did not work. Ratify your plan to include the reasons why this aspect failed and how you went about successfully completing the task.

By using your business plan on a daily basis and ensuring the plan is current, your business will have a greater chance for prolonged success. Many entrepreneurs who use their plan initially, but then allow it to fall to the wayside experience a flash in the pan scenario where their success eventually gives out. Instead, work diligently to consult and update your plan on a regular basis to ensure your success is lasting. Remember, your business plan reflects your business and the manner in which you intend to run your business. Allowing yourself and employees to use this plan regularly will ensure your business remains on the straight and narrow for the future.

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