how to harvest your own drop ship list

Drop Shipping is a method of merchandising that allows an internet marketer to sell products without first buying and stocking an inventory of those products. In short, we would take orders and payment for the goods on our website or auction site like ebay, forward these orders to our dropshipper, and then the dropshipper then ship the items direct to our customer and we make a profit. We pocket the difference between the retail and the wholesale cost of the merchandise which our dropshipper offer. So dropshipping means we do not have to invest any money in a stock of merchandise before it is sold. This permits us to devote your entire time to the promotion of sales.

Other advantages of this system are: elimination of losses on un-sellable goods, elimination of packing and shipping expenses, and minimization of space requirements. But Finding a proper drop ship list on your own may not an easy task, because there are too many 'middle man' waiting to take your order. They charge you extra for dropshipping. These sites make a living from your dropshipping fees you pay and the profits of the products they sell to you. This makes it very difficult to make a profit if you do actually put up a products for sale.

There are too many 'wholesale dropsship' sites that prey on would-be drop shippers. There are people out there making a business of compiling a useless list of 'wholesalers cum drop ship' whose price is neither wholesale nor cheap. The type of suppliers to look out for are those that offer to 1.

Blind drop ship for you and either charge a small fee of $2 to $5. Most dropshippers are willing to pay the amount. Blind drop shipping means that your customer wont know where the products was sent from or they include your company name and address instead of the dropshipper's, so you get to keep the customer for future purchase from the customer. 2.

Dropshippers that offer you branding. Some dropshipper allow you to put your company name and logo on their invoice. 3.

Pay by credit card or paypal or google checkout. This save you alot of time instead of always running to a bank, queue up and send the monies. 4.

Those that only sell a certain niche instead of some china supermarket type of dropship company. There are popular dropshipper list compile by saleHoo which is one of the best list, they claim to have 'tested' some of the dropshippers on their list by buying secretly from them and checking how fast they delivered and also if they delivered the correct goods. Another populat list is the worldwide brands by chris malta. There are other like Dropshipping Wholesalers, dropship powerpak, dropshipper database, dropship mentor list Depending on what keywords you type in to the search engine, you may be able to find some good drop shipper from time to time.

If you type in 'dropship' or 'dropshipper list', then you probably will find a lot of 'middelman' who has a large list of products for you to select and dropship. They people are into the business of earning from aspiring dropshipper. But if you type in 'sell our products', you usually can find some real people who has products they produce that they are willing to drop ship. These people usually sell just a few niche items.

Not like the middle man who has thousands of item for drop ship. You can also visit trade expos where many business people showcase their products. These people usually are the manufacturer and have no company website or do not have a clue how to sell online. The type of products to drop ship should be those that are difficult to find anywhere. Do not drop ship items that people can easily get from a supermarket or wal-mart.

Replica Medieval swords are hard to get in a regular supermarket.

Jack chua is selling on the net by drop ship
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