Finding Professional Body Membership Data for Estate Agents

Property Experts are always telling us that we should only use Estate Agents that are members of a professional body but that is easier said than done. There are currently two separate professional bodies and one regulatory body which agents can become a member of; The Ombudsman Scheme (OEA), The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). You could go to each of the three websites and hope that you will find an agent in your area although now there is an easier way. The London Property Directory My Property Guide has just added professional body membership information to its agent's data.

So for instance if you are searching for Property for sale in Muswell Hill you would drill down through the user-friendly map to that specific part of London where you will find a list of the eight busiest agents in the area. On the primary page the agent's name, address and telephone number are given and you will be relieved to see that it is the agent's direct line that is listed rather than the expensive '0845' numbers favoured by many of the property listing sites. There is also the option to click through to the agent's site and then move between the sites of the other listed agents in a single click. To view the affiliations of the listed agents simply click on the toggle button marked 'Professional Body Memberships' and the central part of the screen changes to a table with a tick showing which agents are members of which professional bodies; it couldn't be simpler. The information is updated regularly directly from the list of members.

While on the area page you have the option to send an email to all of the agents listed requesting that they register your details as a prospective purchaser. The site will also save you time if you are thinking of selling a property. Just locate the page that you require e.g.

Estate Agents in Muswell Hill and book your valuation in a single click. You can select between one and eight agents from the list and request that they contact you to set up a valuation appointment. About My Property Guide As well as providing comprehensive listings of London Estate Agents My Property Guide is packed with invaluable advice written by property experts. Our aim is to help you make informed decisions and overcome the obstacles that so often infuriate people finding their way in the property world.

Justin Burns BSc MRICS is a practicing Party Wall Surveyor and director of a busy North London Estate Agency For more information visit:


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