eBay University Do You Need a Degree

eBay University is the learning program that eBay started to aid individuals in enhancing there skills as successful eBay merchants. eBay classes are conveniently held in many locations throughout the United States, and classes may also be completed online at home. It should be noted that all of the information you will be exposed to at eBay University can be found on the Website - the basic are available for free. However, grasping that information isn't always the easiest task. It really depends upon your learning style. The eBay University curriculum is delivered along two primary tracks.

The fundamental elements of the tracks include: Selling Basics If you've been buying on eBay, and want to learn how to sell, or simply pick up new tips, this is the right class for you. ? Open a Seller Account ? Do Research and Create Listings ? Improve your Listings with Better Descriptions and Photography ? Open and Use a PayPal Account ? Monitor your Listings ? Complete transactions Beyond the Basics If you've been selling on eBay occasionally, and want to learn how to get the most out of your listings, this is the right class for you. ? Start and/or Grow an eBay-Based Business ? Choose the Right Listing Format ? Create Compelling Listings ? Use eBay Listing Tools ? Market your eBay Business ? Benefits of an eBay Store ? Pack and Ship Inventory ? Use Online Payments from PayPal Both courses are reasonably priced, and well worth the short amount of time that it takes to complete each course. The courses are available on DVD and CD/ROM. If you graduate from eBay University and decide that this is really cool you might want to participate in eBay's Educational Specialist Program - their train-the-trainer program. It allows individuals to teach classes using eBay's curriculum.

The Education Specialist Program training program provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully teach others how to sell on eBay. You can access trainers that have been certified by eBay through the eBay Website. If you decide to go the independent route and access any of the myriad of eBay courses on the Web.

There are many eBay courses that are obtainable on the Internet today. These books and courses are designed to help you become more successful on eBay. Unfortunately, not all of these courses are worth the money that you will pay for them. Some of them are full of what used to be good information - when it was relevant - and others are simply junk information, written by someone trying to make a quick buck. Before you buy any eBay course, find out when the course was written.

If it was produced in 2004, for instance, you don't want it. That may not seem like very long ago, but in Internet time it's an eon. eBay changes so fast that much of the information will not be useful. However, if the original issue of the course was written several years ago, but the course is updated each year, this will probably be a good course for you. Again, use common sense when purchasing eBay courses.

They can be quite helpful and enlightening, but only if the information in them is still good. Talk to other eBay sellers - preferably successful ones - to discover out what courses are recommended - and make sure there's a money-back guarantee.

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