Austin Real Estate Travis Landing Subdivision In Depth

Imagine having your own park, with acres of land reserved just for you, your family and your neighbors. No strangers could wander through the grounds; no unknown dangers could lurk in the trees. Everyone and everything would be known to you. It's a beautiful thought, but unfortunately, in most places, not a realistic one. Very few communities have their own private park. In fact, it would be extremely difficult to find one, unless, of course, you lived in Travis Landing, a small neighborhood located along Lake Travis and Lakeway with its very own 35-acre neighborhood park.

History The land that is today Travis Landing was originally home to the Comanche and other Native American tribes. Unlike in other areas, European settlers were slow to build there - Wiley Hudson erected his ranch in the 1800s but few others joined him until after the completion of the Mansfield Dam in the 1940s. From then on, however, development spread rapidly. In 1943, Joe and Margaret Cocke bought 56 acres for a home and horse farm, and by 1960 the area had been subdivided, creating Travis Landing. Today there are 153 property owners in Travis Landing on 194 lots. Economy There are several well-established businesses in Travis Landing and the surrounding area, including restaurants such as Carlos 'n Charlie's, Iguana Grill and Hill Country Pasta House.

But as with most communities in the area, it is Austin that provides the income. The science and technology industries are booming in the urban capitol, and for those not in either field, major corporations and the University of Texas offer additional employment opportunities. Austin's economy continues to grow and shows no signs of stopping. It is an amazing time to be in the city, near the city or both. Real Estate Travis Landing is a small secure community with its own park, bordering a beautiful lake. As such, the homes are not absurdly cheap but nor are they overpriced.

Asking amounts vary depending on the size and age of the home, as well as the exact location. You're sure to be able to find the house that is right for you with a little hard work and a lot of spectacular views. Attractions The first appeal of Travis Landing is the 35-acre park. Gated and locked at all times, only residents and their guests are permitted to enter. Once they do, they find a boat ramp, boat storage, picnic tables and benches.

Tables can be reserved for special events and storage spaces can be rented easily. Other attractions include the close-knit community, the shimmering Lake Travis, the nearness to the city and the overall majesty of Travis Landing. You can go boating or jet skiing one day and spend the next wandering through the city, admiring the sky scraping buildings of Austin. Living in this area is unlike living in any other.

If you are a looking for a home that truly has it all, Travis Landing may be perfect for you. Check out the available homes, and find yours among the listings.

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