All About Winstrol steroids

Winstrol steroids is a very popular oral and injectable steroid also known as stanozolol. Winstrol steroids is a favorite pre-contest steroid of bodybuilders worldwide, known primarily as an anabolic steroid, minimizing androgenic side effects. This steroid also will not aromatize, meaning that it won't convert to estrogen and will not cause water retention.

As you can see from the properties listed, that alone would make it a favorite pre-contest steroid. Winstrol steroids have a few hidden pluses that will amaze you as its exciting properties guarantee a competitive edge for competing athletes and it also is available in oral and injectable versions. The underlying difference with Winstrol steroids is that you are able to use the injectable orally, but the effect is identical to having been taken as an injectable. Winstrol steroids is in effect a C17-alpha alkylated compound which means that it will have a toxic affect on the liver as alkylation doesn't permit the liver to destroy the drug, should it be taken orally. Should this anabolic steroid be abused for extreme time periods then it will damage your liver.

Winstrol steroids tend to be taken in tablet form and the common dose ranges are between 2mg and 50mg. The injectable type normally come as a 50mg/ml dose and the quality products have been micronized, meaning they can pass through an insulin syringe. As these are water based products, daily injections are preferred. Men who take Winstrol steroids should stick to the average recommended dosage which is 50mg and the same for both orals and injectables.

Only a fool might believe that by taking a higher dosage, better results would be achieved. The reality with Winstrol steroids is that an over dosage would lead to harming the connective and joint tissue, which will cause a huge amount of pain. Going back to previously mentioned possible liver problems, your cycles should be limited to a 8 week maximum and a 6 week average. This product is not advisable for women at any dose due to virilizing side effects from the small amount of androgenic properties in Winstrol steroids.

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