Start Your First Employee Manual To Have A Drama Free Workplace

by Dr. Yvonne LaMar


Establishing your growing business requires solid organizational skills. People who enjoy writing will especially enjoy putting their ideas into words. For those who do not enjoy writing, simple sketches and lists are just as effective.

Founding members of your organization, owners or managers might benefit from doing this, but there is one requirement for these suggestions to be effective. The person who completes the tasks must have clear ideas about what they want the business to be, what they want employees to do, and how they want to measure success.

The order of the tasks is purposeful. Only after each task is done can you effectively deliver the written materials to your employees. You will have all of the documents that you need to begin your first employee manual. Your documents will also be useful when dealing with banks, government agencies, and potential sponsors. People like to see that thoughtful effort has been made to make sure that your business is viable and runs smoothly from day to day.

The results of completing the documents will take you several steps toward becoming drama free. Your vision and mission statements, organizational chart, procedures and job descriptions will set boundaries and give clear directions to everyone involved in your business.

Remember, these are always “live” documents. They can always be updated to reflect the changes that you experience as you grow. You will grow and things will change. It is most likely that you will simply add new things to the documents. Your first effort is the best way to assure a firm foundation so you can focus on providing good and services with your people positioned for success.

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